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Centennial Medical Group 


Stephen A. Geller, M.D.

Dr. Geller is a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine. He received his medical degree from John Hopkins University, School of Medicine. As he has always had an interest in looking for new approaches to chronic conditions, he became certified as a physician investigator to manage and design clinical trials to support creation of new treatment options. 

Dr. Geller has always believed in taking a comprehensive approach to treatment by focusing on how patients’ multiple medical issues interact with each other and the resulting complications. By doing so, he is able to concentrate on the whole person and not just a single disease to improve overall patient outcomes. 


Joseph F. Gibbons, M.D.

Dr. Gibbons is a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine. He completed his medical degree at West Virginia University and completed his residency at Medstar Washington Hospital Center. Due to his dedication to patient care, he has been recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance in managing patients with diabetes and cardiac health issues.

Dr. Gibbons values spending time with patients as it allows him to listen to their overall health history and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. This enables him to build the rapport with patients to build a partnership in their health and improve overall outcomes.  


Rajiv Dua, M.D. 

Dr. Dua is a board-certified physician in Family and Bariatric Medicine.  He completed his residency at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center. Upon completion of his medical degree, he return back to his hometown of Ellicott City, MD to join Centennial Medical Group (CMG) as a primary care physician and became the director of the CMG Medical Weight Loss Program.

Dr Dua likes to take an individualized approach to his patient care with a focus on the treatment of obesity. As there are many causes to weight gain such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, endocrine disorders, nutrition and more, he believes there is not a one size fit all treatment approach for patients. He likes to dedicate his time to diagnosing the cause of his patient’s weight gain and giving them the tools to be successful in reaching their treatment goals. 




Program Benefits:

  • 24x7 direct physician access via cell phone and patient portal email which reduces urgent care or ER visits
  •  Same day or next day unhurried office visits with minimal waiting with your personal physician
  • An annual executive-level physical, which includes the following:
    • Complete medical history and thorough evaluation/review of all medications
    • Comprehensive preventive care examination
    • Review of all lab and test results
    • Extended time and follow up with personal physician to develop customized treatment plan
  • Personalized healthy living and wellness plan – general diet, exercise, stress and smoking cessation
  • Expedited urgent care visits at the Maple Lawn location. Physician will be contacted upon your arrival at the office to help assist with your visit
  • Separate waiting room for office visits
  • Dedicated concierge medicine staff member to help coordinate care
  • Ability to schedule phone consultations for mild acute needs during normal office hours.
  • Refill and referral requests handled same day
  • Paperwork and documentation filled out by a physician with no additional charge.
  • Detailed reports and information forwarded to consultants prior to your visit with the consultant
  • Discussion of consultation and procedure reports
  • Review of hospitalizations and clinical implications
  • Topical material on health and wellness
  • Assistance with appointments for sub-specialists and testing as medically necessary

For more information on Centennial Medical Group and their program, Premier Access Primary Care, please visit their website at or call (410) 730-3399 to enroll or to receive additional information. A limited number of memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Patient Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Geller for many years. He took my health seriously and saved my life by sending for a stress test. This resulted in being immediately taken to the hospital for a cardiac cath as I had 50% blockage. I am now 50lbs lighter, low cholesterol, and normal blood pressure." - John G. 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gibbons for more than 20 years. Dr. Gibbons is extremely knowledgeable which leads me to have great trust and confidence in him as my physician. Beyond that, I believe Dr. Gibbons really cares about me, my family, and my well-being." - Phillip G. 

"Dr. Dua is a very helpful and concerned doctor. He takes time with his patients and is truly concerned about their well-being." - Charlotte J.