Successful Practice Conversions

Concierge Practice Conversions

Paragon Private Health is the physicians' choice for customized, successful, concierge medicine programs for independent practices. Whether you are a primary care physician or specialist, solo or group, our tailored approach addresses your specific needs and ensures your practice will thrive.

We utilize best practices, proprietary methodology, and proven concepts, as well as have access to the most advanced data, which helps us to ensure your practice’s conversion success. And, although we work in partnership with you towards your success, we do not take any equity in your practice.

Examples (based on actual Paragon practice conversions):

  1. Generate $50k - $200k of incremental income by adding an optional (“hybrid”) concierge program to your current practice.  This type of program can be successful for almost any practice with no risk.
  2. Improve your income by up to $300k by converting your entire practice to a concierge model.



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