Successful Practice Conversions

Paragon Promise

Paragon Private Health understands that the needs, circumstances and goals of each physician are divergent.  Thus, we create a customized concierge program to accommodate the needs of each physician and their practice. 

Paragon provides the experience, expertise and resources required for a successful practice conversion.  In partnership with the physician, we work as an extension of the practice and are compensated based on a fee-for-performance basis, under which we succeed only if you succeed.  

Paragon Promise™

In partnership with your practice, Paragon will provide the following.

  • Demographic segmentation analysis of the physician’s patient panel:
    • Utilizing a proprietary analytical evaluation methodology.
    • Customized for each physician.
    • Performed within HIPAA guidelines.
  • Review, evaluation and recommendations for, the physician’s:
    • Previous marketing materials, collateral material and other communication vehicles (I.e., invoices, letters, etc.).
    • Operating procedures.
    • Staffing levels.
    • Customer service protocols.
  • Program and pricing structure.
  • Transparent process that is clearly defined.
  • Projected membership conversion rate.
  • Financial modeling to ensure viable and sustainable operations.
  • Conversion Strategy.
  • Detailed execution plan with timeline.
  • Décor and location evaluation and recommendation for enhanced patient experience.
  • Recommendations on modern medical technologies to employ for superior patient care.
  • Marketing strategy to include value proposition(s), branding advertising, marketing, public relations, electronic media and social media.
    • Patient and market communications.
    • Creation and distribution of press releases to local media outlets at launch.
    • Review of the physician’s web site and recommendations for any changes.
  • Training of the physician and their employees to prepare them for the conversion and new practice program.
  • Wellness Plan.
  • Conversion of the traditional practice to a concierge membership program.
  • Collection of membership fees from patients and disbursement to the doctors on a monthly basis.
  • Recommendations for incremental revenue streams, as appropriate.
  • Unlimited access to the Paragon team via phone and email.
  • Ongoing support for patient retention and patient acquisition.

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