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Paragon Private Health is the physicians' choice for customized, successful, concierge medicine programs for independent practices. Whether you are a primary care physician or specialist, solo or group, our tailored approach addresses your specific needs and ensures your practice will thrive.

As a physician, you have dedicated your career to the care of others.  However, in an ever-changing healthcare landscape, you continue to be challenged by the administrative, financial, legal and personal demands placed upon you.  As a result, you are evaluating your options – seeking a model that will allow you to provide the type of patient care you always envisioned while achieving professional, financial and personal fulfillment.

Paragon Private Health’s proven, customized and affordable concierge program solutions empower you to have a vibrant medical practice, provide proactive care to your patients and achieve balance between your professional and personal life.  

Furthermore, our solutions provide your practice with best-in-class resources which allow you to:

  • Focus on providing wellness-centered patient care care rather than running a business.
  • Develop a more personalized one-on-one relationship with each patient.
  • Invest the time required to:
    • Practice preventive care.
    • Create customized wellness plans for each patient.
  • Provide your patients with direct access to you.
  • Coordinate the care of your patients with sub-specialists and hospitals.
  • Achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Realize the professional, financial and personal rewards of the care you provide.

Whether you are a primary care physician, or sub-specialist, converting from a traditional practice to a concierge program is one of the most monumental business decisions you will ever make.  Paragon Private Health has the proven expertise and resources available to provide you with an incomparable and rewarding practice conversion experience.

To explore the possibility of your medical practice joining Paragon Private Health, please contact us to schedule a call.  

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