10 Daily practices to help physicians curb burnout – Too Long : Didn’t Read – TL:DR

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10 tips that make me a happy doctor by:  

Ten changes Dr. Kinsella made that have helped reduce resentment and restore a sense of control, engagement and gratitude in his clinical practice.

  1. Patients complete a card with three questions for the doctor. 
  2. The two-minute rule. No interruption for 2 minutes with patient
    After a few minutes of listening, Ask permission to look away and take some notes on the screen.
  4. I reassure that the patient is in the right place for their medical concern. 
  5. Optimize the EMR’s strengths. 
  6. I end all encounters with the question: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” 
  7. Close the encounter before the patient leaves the room.
  8. I often finish with a request: “May I give you a hug?” 
  9. If the patient is smiling at the end of the encounter, I will encourage them to complete the survey. 
  10. I maintain resilience for the demands of practice with an intensive regimen of exercise.


It is a new series by Paragon Private Health Staff to distill some of our favorite stories from around the MD web!  TL:DR is an internet response to Too Long : Didn’t Read… in other words…  summarize please, I don’t have time! 

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