5 ways assembly line medicine harms patients


Excerpt –

When we go to the deli, we expect to take a number and wait in line. Accomplishing any task at the department of motor vehicles can be an ordeal of waiting and then being herded out the door. This is part of life in American society. However, it should not be part of your health care.

Patients need personalized attention and they need a health care team that listens to them, no matter who is telling them to step up the pace. Sure, if pushed I can see ten patients an hour. But, I don’t want to and no doctor should be forced to. For one thing, patients are living longer with more chronic diseases than ever before. And when we rush, that is when mistakes happen and when things get overlooked. It is OK if you forgot to get your cheese to take home from the deli. It is not OK if you had an abnormal mammogram that needs a biopsy but no one had time to read the actual report and it got missed….  Read the Complete article at KEVINMD.com

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