Action Required: Please check your email and provide your electronic signature.

Dear Physician, 
To improve compliance with healthcare law for both you and Paragon Private Health, we are making certain updates to:
a) Membership Agreement: We have notified patients about updates to description of services to the membership agreement and that it will not change the services currently provided by you. This is FYI, no action required by you.
b) Administrative Services or Services Contract with you: We are reaching out to you to clarify the roles we each have in providing Services to Program Members. Specifically, Paragon desires to assign its rights and obligations under the patient Membership Agreements to you as the provider of the Services and kindly requests your acknowledgement by signature. Please note, this assignment will not change the billing and collection methods being provided by Paragon. Paragon will continue to bill, collect and process all patient membership fees in accordance with your services contract.  
You should’ve received an email on Tuesday, April 14th from us requesting your review of the Assignment of Membership Agreement with a request of your confirmation via e-signature.  If you’d like to discuss and understand, please do not hesitate to request a time with Neil Hoyt so he can explain this better.
Paragon Private Health
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