Hiren Doshi, CEO

Paragon Private Health

It’s curious the things you only fully understand in retrospect.  I was born into a business family and was taught business from a very young age.  But growing up, my father also insisted I try out many different sports.  And not just by playing them once or twice, but by first learning the rules and the mechanics behind a game before participating. 

This did three things for me: 

  1. It gave me a good process to follow before trying something new
  2. It helped me learn to identify and correct my shortcomings sooner than later
  3. And it imparted a great love for trying new and different things 

In a way this approach has shaped my development, both professionally and as a person, from my earliest years in school through co-founding and growing a company to nearly 200 million in valuation.

I was born in India and went to school in Mumbai at St. Joseph’s High, an institution with an excellent reputation for both academics and extracurricular activities.  I was fortunate to attend a school with many intelligent peers, which inspired me to push myself from my earliest days.   During that time, I took advantage of any opportunity to learn something new or take a leadership role.  I excelled academically, which ultimately afforded me the opportunity to attend school in the US at the University of Texas at Austin. 

I chose this university for its sterling reputation as a top 5 business school, but along the way discovered what it’s like to live in the US.  For instance, it was my first exposure to ‘elective’ courses.  I was interested in discovering anything and everything I could, so I took as many courses as possible outside of my major simply for the sake of learning.  It was also here I began building a network of business relationships, many of which endure to this very day. 

After I graduated I helped a friend start his business, Focus Informatics, which helps physicians with transcription.  I did everything that goes into building a business from strategy to marketing to sales to service.  With a little luck and a lot of hard work, we were able to break even in a year in a half, and the company ultimately sold for 58 million dollars in 2007.  But I wanted more than to help someone build a company.  I wanted my own. 

So, once Focus Informatics was well under way, I went on to co-found a new company: OmniActive Health Technologies (www.omniactives.com).  OmniActive offers a range of innovative and scientifically validated nutritional ingredients for use in dietary food and beverage supplements.  

It was here my habit of trying new things really came to the fore, playing the lead in global business development, sales, marketing and business operations – building the business one brick at a time. 

Today, OmniActive has nearly 500 employees and does business in 22 countries.  Though we now have a professional senior management team running the organization, I believe I’m a better leader because I can sympathize with and understand the challenges my people face because I’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

In addition to my duties at OmniActive, beginning April 1, 2017, I’ve taken on playing an active leadership role at Paragon Private Health, an organization helping physicians implement concierge medicine program, a fast growing segment of the healthcare industry that’s helping to increase care levels and improve outcomes. 

Of my achievements thus far, it makes me feel very good to have played a part in creating three successful and profitable startups in a row each comprised of very talented and dedicated people, which all bring real value to our customers.   And I’m proud to be a member of the Young President’s Organization (www.ypo.org) and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE; www.tie.org).  But I’d like to give my father a good portion of that credit for being such a great mentor and insisting I try all those new things and invest in continuous learning.

When I’m not busy in my professional life, my family and I enjoy traveling.  I’ve been fortunate enough through either work or recreation to visit over 40 countries and experience different ways of life.  I currently live in NYC, and appreciate its people, great food and city living…not to mention a quality single malt scotch here or there. 

~ Hiren

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