My Concierge Story – Michael Gordon

The Concierge Care Program allows me to feel comfortable and confident knowing that my total overall healthcare needs are personally being met and planned for by my physician (Dr. Robert Hoshizaki) and his team. 


Concierge Care also alleviates the stress of scheduling office visits, getting reminders of upcoming appointments, setting up tests and any procedures so I don’t have to constantly monitor any or all of it. Prior to being a concierge member, I would routinely have to reschedule appointment time or day, and it became a real hassle to do so. Now under the concierge program, all scheduling or changes are quick, easy, seamless and convenient. That benefit alone really puts me at ease knowing that I have a fully trained team behind me that is interested, focused, and driven in helping me navigate the necessity of coordinating so many moving parts to my care.

A large component part of the coordination is health insurance, as I think it is for everybody. It seems like personal health insurance, as well as the health insurance companies is ever changing for both the medical practice and the patient. The assistance I receive by the Concierge staff is priceless and much appreciated. They simplify all phases of the health insurance process and procedure for all visits making it (excuse the pun) painless… Navigating through co-pays, what’s in-network, out-of-network, deductibles, covered services is painstakingly time consuming as well as confusing. I now can go to the doctor knowing what is covered and if I’ll be billed or pay a co-pay for that appointment.

In addition to competently overseeing my healthcare needs, the Concierge program sends me articles, tips and advice on overall health that educate me on nutrition and mental well-being that further expands my total overall knowledge of (my) patient care. This new Wellness information is an extra benefit that I now take the time to read, and in some cases put into practice. It provides me with an understanding of other areas in my health life that may require some attention. This is helpful because I now have another medical resource for current and or future usage, and a discussion point with my doctor if I should choose to do so.

The involvement of my doctor goes beyond the casual conversation of what’s ailing me, how do I feel, and has evolved into an active interest beyond stepping on to his office for an appointment. His thorough review and understanding about my work, hobbies, interests and any relevant personal life information allows my doctor to craft a care plan solution taking into account the very essence of my being. This new patient care style is such a major shift on how I used to view past doctor visits. I now firmly believe that better care comes from better involvement by your medical team.

Also included in the Concierge Care program is the ability to directly contact my doctor for a anything at any time. It could be a quick question, a test review discussion, or any additional concerns that I may have…what a bold departure from our experiences and perception on patient care prior to Concierge Care, not to mention the convenience and stability of having such guided care.

The Concierge Care program is a game changer on how healthcare should be provided, and I feel very fortunate to have found a reputable physician to handle my care.


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