My Concierge Story – Teresa Stewart

My name is Teresa. My Mom, Carolyn, is actually the concierge patient.  However, she lives with me and I take her to all appointments and am very involved in her care.  Since I am so involved in her care and her experience with the program, she and I decided to write this story together.  

My Mom is 80 years old and is battling several serious health issues.  As a result, she takes about a dozen prescription medications every day. Before the concierge care program any change in her health would be difficult to navigate, causing us to wonder and fret over where to go to seek the best medical care after office hours.  It was a real concern that was a daunting and scary decision. Several times she ended up taking a trip to the ER with no real help provided.  

However, now with the concierge program, we have access to Mom’s doctor 24/7. I cannot tell you what a sense of peace that provides us.  In addition to the peace, we have consistent care with one doctor coordinating everything. I am convinced that care has kept Mom out of the hospital and/or ER.  

Mom’s doctor is Dr. Andrew Minigutti.  He has given both my mom and I his cell phone number.  At first, we didn’t need to call him much.  However, lately, Mom’s health has gotten to the point where we have needed to call more often. 

One of the things that Mom is battling is depression.  Dr. Minigutti made it clear to Mom that she can call him at any time about anything.  Talking to Dr. Minigutti lifts her spirits like nothing else does.  In her words, “I used to get depressed but now I can call him, and he helps cheer me up.  Sometimes he even prevents me from getting depressed because I can think of him and what he would say.”   As a result of this, Mom has had less days of battling depression.  That is HUGE!!!  

With the current state of Mom’s health and all the medications she is taking, any small change like a cold, or swelling, or a change in blood pressure can signal other significant issues.  They can also be random non-issues.  A few weeks ago, Mom was feeling terrible.  She had no energy and said she felt like a “dish rag”.  When she stood up, she lost her balance. These symptoms by themselves don’t seem too dangerous.    

However, I called Dr. Minigutti who asked me questions and had me take her temp and blood pressure (BP).  As it turns out, her BP was really low.  Dr. Minigutti then gave me instructions what to do to get her BP up to normal range. I did as he instructed me and within a few hours Mom was feeling back to normal.  I am not a nurse.  Without the help of Dr. Minigutti and the concierge care program, I would have had to take Mom to the ER or an urgent care facility.  Neither of those places know her history and health issues like Dr. Minigutti. 

In addition to these things, the concierge care program allows a great doctor to do AWESOME things.  Last September my Mom turned 80.  To help her celebrate, Dr. Minigutti came to our house on Mom’s birthday to take her for a ride in his convertible.  Here is what she said about it, “Dr. Mini helped me celebrate my 80th birthday with a ride in his blue Mustang convertible to Sonic for a Caramel Sunday. What a special way to celebrate my birthday!!  No other doctor has even acknowledged by birthday period, much less in such a warm and fun way.”  And it wasn’t just he and Mom that had fun.  Dr. Mini insisted that I drive.  Wow, what a treat for me as well!  I had forgotten how fun it is to drive a stick shift.  Here are some pictures from the fun day: 

Mom and I are certain that her life is 100% better because of the concierge care program and especially Dr. Minigutti.  We are thankful every single day for this program and for Dr. Minigutti. Aging and the health issues that go with it are not easy.  At times they become pretty overwhelming.  However, having access to Dr. Minigutti through the concierge care program gives us comfort and knowledge that help is just a phone call away, day or night. Thank you!!

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