Our Purpose & Vision

Our Higher Purpose:

To improve health, vitality and longevity for patients while bringing JOY in the lives of physicians, teams and everyone we work with.

Our Core Values

Whatever It Takes

We don’t say “I can’t”, when we can say “I’ll learn”.  It’s never “not my job”.   We work to make our patients, practices, and physicians happy… but when life happens, and it does happen, we do whatever it takes to make it right. 

Let us do whatever it takes, for you to be successful.


Doing the right thing should be a given.  We didn’t start Paragon to make money, it began as a mission. We respect each other, our clients, and our patients. We set realistic goals, we don’t lie, and we go out of our way to be fair and honest. We will turn down a client if it is not their best interest.

Integrity means doing the right thing. Period.

Innovating & Upgrading

DNA based care, Big-data, Telemedicine, VR? We are constantly looking at better ways to improve Paragon, Patient Care, and Physician practices. We use proprietary big-data analysis to determine your successful transition and we study the latest DNA testing to make sure our doctors can offer the very best prognosis. 

Flexibility and innovation is part of our DNA, so that we can consistently offer the best available services.

Customer Focused

We only hire experts. Men and women whose craft it is to be focused on Physician and Patient needs. Our staff has a rigorous training program with a single mission… to provide excellent service to you. We strive to make zero mistakes. We go above and beyond as we focus on custom tailored solutions to each practice we interact with.  

When you succeed we succeed. Literally.


The whole point of our endeavor is to improve healthcare, the lives of physicians, and the care patients receive.  Should a mission like that be boring?  We lead by example.  When you make fun a priority then good health and attitudes follow it. 

If your life’s work isn’t fun, maybe we can help.
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