On average, a patient in the United States can expect...

365 +
days till an appointment
minutes with a doctor
minutes in waiting room
patients per doctor

What's Your Experience?

Is your doctor helping you achieve your health & wellness goals? Is he or she available when you’re sick or when it is convenient for them? If the latter, they are probably facing the same issues millions of doctors across the Unites States are facing.

Physicians with Paragon have found a better way to provide you old fashioned care with modern twists.  It’s called concierge medicine, and as the name implies, it’s all about catering to you – the patient.

When you become a member of a Paragon concierge program and are cared for by one of our independent physicians and specialists, we promise you a level of service that:

  • Increases availability to YOUR doctor
  • Increases the time you see your doctor in an unrushed setting
  • Gains valuable health insights, unique to you, in order to treat the whole you
  • Builds a plan, directed by your doctor, to increase your health & vitality

We call this the Paragon Patient Promise

  • “Dr. Long is smart, insightful, and patient. Really appreciate his approach to prevention and his willingness to consider other options before just going straight to medication.”

    Marla B.

  • “Dr. Skinner is a great doctor, smart, thoughtful and always quick to respond to his patients with thorough, detailed answers. His office is staffed by genuine people who provide excellent service.”

    Lou P.

  • “Great patient experience. Always feel like our discussions are very thorough and complete. I greatly appreciate the level of attention I receive from Dr. Saglimbeni.”

    Bozzo A.


When you become a member of a Paragon Private Health practice you will immediately notice a difference in the way you are treated, the care that’s provided and the level of services made available. Each Paragon physician’s practice has been designed to offer you enhanced amenities, personalized preventive and wellness care, advanced medical technologies and patient education that are not typically available at most medical practices.

The doctors we work with each meet stringent criteria and have been carefully vetted. They have been held to the highest standards – medical, professional, ethical, moral, educational – and have exceeded those demands. Thus, they are viewed in the utmost esteem by their patients, peers and community.

Each membership program is limited to 100 – 600 patients per physician, depending on the individual practice, in order for the physician to provide each patient with the dedicated time and quality of care to ensure optimal health, vitality and longevity.

Standard Benefits

Plans offered by our Primary Care Physicians include:
  • An annual comprehensive executive preventive care physical examination (this examination is in addition to and includes services not provided as part of , the initial Medicare preventive physical and annual wellness visit and any similar services covered by private insurance plans)

  • 24 x 7 direct physician availability via cell phone.

  • Same day or next day appointments.

  • Minimal or no-wait appointments.

*Insurance and Medicare acceptance can vary, we make every attempt to stay abreast of our physician provider changes and make updates in a timely manner.

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Concierge Medicine FAQs

Paragon physicians are passionate about their patients and the level of care they provide them. Our physicians are held to the highest professional, educational, moral and ethical standards by their colleagues, patients, community, and Paragon.

Paragon physicians focus on wellness-centered care. They accomplish that by: investing the time necessary to get to know each patient as an individual, providing direct physician availability, addressing all questions and concerns and, practicing proactive (prevention and wellness) health care in addition to reactive, “sick” health care.

The goal of each Paragon physician is to provide each of their patients with health, vitality, and longevity.

Although Paragon and its affiliated physicians work in partnership to provide each patient with the highest level of health care, the physicians are not our employees.

Physicians hire Paragon for the professional services our company provides to practices that have made the decision to operate as a concierge model. Paragon is the nation’s preeminent services management company for converting a medical practice from a traditional practice model to a more personalized model – the hallmark of which is the direct one-on-one relationship developed between the patient and their physician.

Although Paragon provides each of our affiliated physicians with extensive services and resources, for the practice and patient alike, the physician remains the owner of the practice.

Paragon is not a health care provider and is not consulted by physicians regarding medical issues. Instead, we introduce and implement best-in-class services, resources and tools to assist the physician in providing an unparalleled health care experience.

In order to provide each patient with personalized preventive care, each Paragon physician limits the number of patients they see to about 20% of their current practice size. However, the actual number of patients varies with each physician. By comparison, the typical primary care physician sees over 2,000 patients, on average, in a traditional practice model.

Membership at each Paragon physician’s practice is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the physician reaches their pre-set patient goal, a waiting list will be established, also on a first-come, first-serve basis.

By reducing the number of patients they see to about 20% of a traditional practice, Paragon physicians charge an annual membership fee which is similar to the fee charged for a comprehensive executive-level physical. That said, most annual executive-level physicals do not include ongoing health care (“continuity of care”) for 12 months. The annual fee includes personalized care for an entire year in addition to the annual executive-level physical.

Many of the Paragon physicians have chosen to continue to accept health insurance, including many health plans as well as Medicare. However, some have opted-out of health insurance, partially or entirely. Please inquire with your physician to discuss the specifics of their practice.

Health insurance companies view the services covered by the annual fee as “non-covered” services. Therefore, they do not pay, or reimburse, the annual fee.

It’s important to note, we encourage you to maintain health insurance for non-covered services which may include office visits, sub-specialist care, hospital visits, lab work, diagnostic testing, or other healthcare related expenses.

Yes. Patients are responsible for deductibles and co-payments required by their health insurance company.

You may be able to use a health savings plan (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA) or medical savings account (MSA) to pay for your annual fee. We recommend you speak with your financial advisor or company’s benefits manager to discuss the specifics of your account.

If you itemize your medical expenses it very well may be. We recommend you contact your tax advisor to explore this option.

The annual fee may be paid in full at the time you become a patient of the Paragon practice.  You may also opt to pay the annual fee in two equal payments (semi-annually) or in four equal payments (quarterly).

Paragon, in partnership with each affiliated physician, has implemented best practices to ensure the satisfaction of each patient. However, if you have not had your annual physical exam, and request a refund in writing, a prorated refund will be issued to you. Refunds are not available to patients who have received their annual physical exam.

Yes, as a benefit of your membership, your Paragon physician will see your visiting relative or friend if an urgent medical need dictates they be seen while visiting.  Standard fees may apply for the visit, testing or other services provided.

Paragon physicians and their dedicated staff will assist you with the coordination of your care with sub-specialists, hospitals and other providers – as medically necessary.

Each Paragon physician has arranged for physician coverage when they are not available. Whenever possible, advance notice will be given by your physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The concierge program has been wonderful to reach my physician and support office personnel at the earliest possible convenience. I appreciate the services and referrals I get to make sure I am in good health. My thanks goes out to all.

    Susan L.

  • We both like that our physician is able to spend more time with us. He seems more relaxed and not so pressured to move on to the next patient. To us, he is the very best doctor that one could ever hope for and we want to continue our relationship with him for a long time.

    Elise & Clark R.

  • This is just awesome. The best availability and quality interaction I’ve had with a physician in years!

    George G.

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