• Andrew Minigutti, M.D. | Frisco, TX

    Dr. Minigutti is a board-certified physician in Family and Obesity Medicine. He was named among the Best Doctors in “D” magazine for five consecutive years before moving his practice to Frisco. After earning his medical degree at East Carolina University, he then serves as a physician in the United States Air Force where he was stationed in Italy until returning to Texas in 2002. Dr. Minigutti believes in discussing the evidence-based reasons for his recommendations with his patients. He then works with them to find the treatment option that is best. He believes education, prevention, weight loss, and weight control play a major role in quality patient care and success in treating diabetes, obesity, and other conditions. Personalized Care Concierge Medicine Benefits Include: An annual comprehensive executive preventive care physical examination (this examination is in addition to and includes services not provided as part of , the initial Medicare preventive physical and annual wellness visit and any similar services covered by private insurance plans) 24 x 7 direct physician availability via cell phone. Same day or next day appointments. Minimal or no-wait appointments. For more information on Dr. Minigutti and his personalized concierge care program, please visit his website at www.westfrisco.com or Read more [...]