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24 x 7 Direct Physician Availability

via cell phone, text, video-call

Did You Know?

80% of patients want to communicate with their doctor via text, yet only 18% of physicians actually use text messaging to interact with patients.

24x7 availability via texting provides you the peace of mind having direct physician when you need them.

One-to-One Physician Relationship

Did You Know?

Staying with The Same Doctor May Help You Live Longer

A study found that early deaths can be significantly reduced by staying with the same doctor over time, versus switching doctors. Continuity of care is associated with increased patient satisfaction, greater level of compliance and lower usage of hospital services.

Unhurried Appointments

Did You Know?

A primary care physician can solve 95% of patient’s healthcare problems, if they have the time needed.

With concierge care, the doctor has ample time to listen, ask questions, examine, clearly explain and answer your questions. They also dedicate more time outside office hours to patient care and related issues.


Determine which health investment Is right for you

Did You Know?

According to the Health Care Cost Institute, the average price for an emergency room outpatient visit was $1,917 in 2016. That’s a 31% increase over 2012.

Invest in your health for less than $5 a day
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What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine is...

  • A membership model of care
  • Based on the patient / physician relationship
  • The physician has unrestricted time during every visit
  • This care leads to more proactive and personalized care
  • It is shown to improve health outcomes

Paragon Personal Health Portfolio

Your Optimal Health Is Our Goal

Our executive-level annual exams are created to; help identify risk factors before symptoms are present, determine goals and refine treatment plans. The Personal Health Portfolio is a summation of findings

Same Day or Next Day Appointments

Did You Know?

71% of emergency room visits could have been treated safely in a primary care setting or did not require urgent care.

Avoid Expensive Emergency Rooms & Costly Urgent Cares

Proactive and Preventive Wellness-Centered Care

Did You Know?

59% of people with availability to a wellness programs credit it with improving their health

Paragon physicians emphasize illness prevention and wellness, as opposed to disease management only.

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Annually per Member
< 45 Years Old Only
  • Office visits & medical care
  • Same day or next day office visits
  • Telemedicine Visits: Video + Text
  • Paragon Care Connect App
  • Wellness Materials + Webinars


Annually per Member
50% discount for <45 years of age
(Call for Additional Discounts)
  • All Lite Benefits
  • Comprehensive executive annual
             physical exam & Paragon Personal
             Health Summary
  • Direct physician communication
             outside practice hours,
             via cell phone or text
  • Unhurried office visits,
             with minimal to no wait
  • Refill and referral requests handled
             same day, when received during
             normal practice hours
  • Personalized healthy living
             and wellness plans
  • Enhanced support, guidance,
             and coordination of care
             during/after hospitalizations
  • Paperwork and documentation filled
             out by physician with no charges
  • Detailed reports & information sent
             to Consultants prior to your visit
             with consultant
  • Review and discussion of consultation
             and procedure reports
  • Assistance with appointments with
             sub-specialists, testing, and hospitals
  • Coordination of care as deemed
             medically necessary
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Annually per Member
50% discount for <45 years of age
(Call for Additional Discounts)
  • All Lite Benefits
  • All Silver Benefits
  • Genetic map-based medicine - Year 1
  • Personal health coach – subsequent years

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